Debbie Best Orthodontic Consulting


"Just this last year we hired Debbie Best to do another run at our schedule template. Much more complicated project with 3 practice locations, three doctors, some days shared and others single doctor days. Debbie is as sharp as they come, and I have to say after Tom and I plugged in her scheduling templates, my life changed. I get out on time most days and I actually get to see my kid's sports and hang out with family again. Patients are happy, there is very little stress in the clinic, and we are doing 25% more production than we were before we hired her. Debbie knows her business and did an AMAZING job for us. We haven't had her back yet to tweak the schedule, and we do know where it needs to be tweaked, but it is easy to manage now, easy to
see its few shortcomings, and I don't have a sense of urgency to fine tune it at the moment because it works so well.
I still get communications from Debbie about our office workings. She logs into Dolphin on a regular basis and checks stats to make sure we are running well. Many consultants say they will follow up for a year, but how many consultants actually do that?
That was just my experience. Debbie Best was my answer and worth every penny."
Dr. H
"As the wife of the orthodontist and one who also works in the practice, I have had the opportunity to see Debbie's talents from two viewpoints. Debbie has a way of connecting with the team and letting them know when they believe in themselves their abilities are endless. Also her extensive background provides Ross and me the support and guidance to make the goals for our practice a reality."
Mary Stryker, Office of Dr. Ross Stryker
Lebabon, MO

"You have always been a wise friend rather than simply a consultant for us."
Dr. Michael Cherre

"Thanks a million Deb! You're the best. I couldn't come close to the practice we have without your expertise and help."

Dr. Pat DiCiccio

"In thinking about my office, I have come to realize what an important role you have played.  Training my staff, instituting doctor time scheduling, improving office efficiency and making recommendations for systems (such as Kodak, now Carestream), keeping me current and into this century.  You have always been available when I would call needing information about a process or problem.  Your thorough understanding about all the products available to the orthodontic practice is incredible.
I can only imagine how poorly my office would have functioned if I had not become acquainted with you those many years ago.  I was impressed then, and am still impressed with your expertise.  Over the years, we have developed a friendship that has been a blessing for me, and my wife.  Any Doctor in an orthodontic practice, that has been fortunate to have you provide the management services for their office, has benefitted greatly.
My staff and I have heard you lecture on many occasions, and still walk away with new ideas.  You are a wealth of information for all of us that have used part or all of the services your company provides.
Thank you for caring about orthodontics, and thank you for being such a good friend."

Cecil E. Alumbaugh, Jr., DDS, Inc.
                                                            Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

"Just a quick note to say thank you for having Debbie. I feel we benefited greatly from her visit. Now we need to get active!!! I want to be a leader for the team and I am making this email my commitment to do just that. I am excited about the changes and I want to keep the team excited with me. I know you both have worked hard and spent major money and time on this; it’s time for us to commit to the success of Cook Orthodontics. "

Whitney, Office of Dr. Devon Cook
"Debbie- Thank you so much for being part of our office and home this week.  Nineteen years later, you still guide the office and employees with such such poise and grace.  Your knowledge and expertise are amplified because of your gentle disposition.  I appreciate the help you gave us this week and look forward to implementing some of the changes."


"A few years ago I felt overwhelmed with my multi-office practice with feelings of simply being burnt out. When Debbie Best joined our team it was as if a light lurned on exposing all the dark, hidden, stress-inducing areas of inefficiency taking a heavy toll on my life. She DEFINITELY a smile back on my face AND the team's.

Derek John Brown, DMD, MS, PA

We've worked with Debbie for almost 10 years in all aspects of our practice. She's been an invaluable asset and friend and we couldn't be where we are without her. She's helped  us with scheduling, staffing and interviewing, marketing and systems, integrating new doctors and more. We're lucky to have her on our team!

Phelps and Cohen Orthodontics
San Jose, CA